Advanced Pocket Pool

Bob Arno makes a living studying pickpockets. A pickpocketing career would be a good move for an unemployed deviant like myself. If you invite me over for a barbecue and I squirt mustard all over you shirt and gank your wallet please don’t get angry with me. I am just doing my job, baby.

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  1. here’s why pickpocket is not a good career for you:

      1. You’re subtle like a train wreck.
      2. It’s October – BBQ season is over.
      3. After swiping a wallet you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from punching the guy in the face when you were done.
      4. I’ve already bought a stolen watch from your shady family – the market is only so big.
      5. trying to pick the wallet of a hot chick you would wind up putting a finger in the stink.

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