Birthday Wishes

There is no better way to celebrate my birthday than by reading my favorite type of story; a big fat slob being extricated from his house by way of cutting through the side of it. In just a few short hours my coworkers will be treating me to a sloppy plate of birthday tacos. Later this evening the wife will be making me a birthday dinner of “whatever my little heart desires.” My little heart happens to desire pancakes, pumpkin pie and a glass of scotch. Here is hoping my thirty second year that will bring happiness, prosperity and employment stability. This tax season I am going to have more W-2s than a contract porn actor.

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  1. Happy Birthday Princess! Enjoy your pancakes, pie and scotch. Here’s hoping you get sodomized with a hockey stick tonight – because I’m assuming you enjoy that. If not, then I hope you get sodomized with something you do like.

  2. I’m not even a tax geek, but I have to say that your joke failed at the W2 line. Contract porn actors would likely have 1040 forms for contract employment– W2’s are for full-time employment.

    Anyhow, enough ball breaking. Happy bday.

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