An Unemployed Artist’s Browser History

  • A man argues that he cannot be prosecuted for having sex with a deer because the animal was dead at the time of said bestial necrophiliac coitus.
  • A cargo container loaded with the Doritos washes ashore after falling off a ship. Fattys riot for the sloppy seconds.
  • A killer whale acting like a killer whale (save for the act of eating its prey).
  • Gingerbread Tie-Fighter.
  • Google Video of a limber octopus.
  • Awesome architecture, installment one: hotcakes housing project.
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Link Goodness

  • Bestiality is now illegal in Washington inspired by a pervert that was thankfully removed from the human gene pool by a giant horse cock.
  • Skyscraper escape pods inspired by the the victims that plummeted to their deaths from the burning floors of the World Trade Center.
  • A marriage contract inspired by a personality disorder.
  • A passion for wrestling not inspired by a ruptured testicle.
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