In Between The Lines

The Cunt Coloring Book; artistic fun for the entire family! Even hardware store bull dykes waxing philosophical on the Amazon message board agree:

This book is so wonderful. Never mind the fact that I’ve been having a blast breaking out the crayons and coloring the beautifully drawn vaginas. But this book helps to de-mystify and remind women (or men) of the beauty of the female parts. This book contains about 25 drawings of flower-like genitalia. Each drawing is beautiful and unique – just in the same way that every woman is beautiful in a different way. This book presents women’s sexuality is such a matter-of-fact and positive manner. I wish all women could see this book as a child, again as a teen, and again as an adult – to remember to always be proud and never be ashamed.

Vagina coloring books are not the only thing that present women’s sexuality in a matter-of-fact or positive manner. Take this for example. And this.

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The British Make It Sound So Eloquent

Jake: I sent my brother-in-law the screaming dad mp3. His reply was: “Man, I miss New England. It has been a long time since someone’s dad called me a cunt.”
Me: I am incorporating that into my verbal arsenal when I have a son. I will call him Mary, Cinderella, ballerina and cunt. Every once and awhile I will call him son, just so he does not commit suicide.
Jake: I am going to stick with “Boy” mostly. “Hey boy, get me a beer” or “Hey boy, mix daddy a martini. And do not cock it up like you did last time.”
Me: Good times.
Jake: Yes.

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