The Women Of My News Some More

corey rose
I come bearing the news. And hotness.

Much has changed in the world since I last posted here and here about attractive female news personalities in Denver. The women that once populated my lists have either left for greener pastures, changed careers, or gotten old (some gracefully, some, not so much). Sexist and misogynistic male television producers came to the realization that bad news and horrible weather is a lot easier to handle if a beautiful woman is delivering it to you. It’s the Latin American model that is now mainstream. Thank you, Yanet Garcia. Onward to the list:

  1. Corey Rose
  2. Christine Noël
  3. Amelia Earhart
  4. Lauren Whitney
  5. Britt Moreno

Channel 9 has it locked down. I especially love watching it in the morning. They come at me with double guns of Corey Rose and Amelia Earhart. Are you kidding me? I don’t even know why Gary Shapiro shows up for work anymore. Is there some kind of reverse Title IX in place at the newsroom I don’t know about?

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Women Of My News Redux

Many moons ago I posted a list of my top five favorite Denver female news personalities inspired by a crude hockey locker room discussion. This list has been in dire need of updating as Kathy Sabine (at post time an uncontested number one) now regularly rocks the JC Penny’s power suits and teases her hair like some sort of Charlie’s Angels reject. I have no doubt she is sporting high-waisted mom jeans and a braided belt during her time away from the 9 Backyard. Due to the aforementioned factors and some up-and-coming lookers, Sabine is now riding the pine. I give you my updated hottest local female news personalities list:

  1. Corey Rose
  2. Erika Gonzalez
  3. Libby Weaver
  4. Molly Hughes
  5. Becky Ditchfield

I hope this serves as a wake up call to you, Kathy Sabine. Cheap suits and a general malaise about your appearance have dropped you out of the starting lineup behind a weekend weather girl that roots for the St. Louis Blues and a field reporter assigned to Whei Wong’s old beats. Suck in your pride, torch the wardrobe and drop some dime at Macy’s or Express or Ann Taylor Loft or anywhere that has a clothing style more recent than 1987.

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The Women Of My News

Every Friday before work I head over to the local rink for a drop-in game of hockey. This morning while getting ready in the locker room, I was chatting up a cameraman for Channel 9 News. Naturally, the discussion lead to attractive local weather personality Kathy Sabine and her recent engagement. The entire locker room erupted into chaos and a flurry of “That sucks!” and “The guy is probably a handjob!” and “I would make her yell the extended forecast in ecstasy while tagging her the way of the dog” (that last one was all projection on my part, but it should have been said). During my drive to work, I compiled a top five list of the hottest local female news* personalities:

  1. Kathy Sabine
  2. Libby Weaver
  3. Molly Hughes
  4. Whei Wong
  5. Stacy Donaldson

* Being as all newscasts are biased, I have no loyalty to any particular network so I measure their “watchability” on how attractive the female personalities are. I watch Fox 31 9 O’ Clock News for Libby Weaver and Whei Wong, Channel 4 News at 10 for Molly Hughes (flipping mid-broadcast to Channel 9 for weather with Kathy Sabine) and in the mornings I tune to Fox 31 (again) for Good Day Colorado and weather with Stacy Donaldson. My maleness amazes even me sometimes.

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