Link Goodness

  • To say the Japanese are not fanatical about young girls underwear would be like saying the Nazis did not hate the Jews. Case and point: intricate fiberglass carved panties.
  • Bolivian wrestling. Or Lucha Libre if you prefer.
  • Ben Saunders: Athlete, adventurer, motivational speaker and attempting to make an 1800 mile trek across Antarctica with no dogs, vehicles, kites or re-suppling. There is a reason that man-hauling across the Antarctic continent has only been tried once in 93 years, it is called Robert Scott.
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Contraband Panties

Thieves ganked five thousand dollars worth of panties at their local Victoria’s Secret. I like to imagine that five hot college coeds masterminded a plan to boost the panties because they were unable to afford them and then proceeded to put the stolen panties on back at their sorority house leading to an outrageous pillow fight that lowered their inhibitions and caused them to engage in lesbianism. In reality, a disgusting sex offender with bad acne and syphilis probably stole the panties so he could rub them on his face while he masturbated to videos of donkey porn.

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Used Panty Slangin’

A soft economy has produced a risky marketplace for Japanese schoolgirls selling their soiled panties. When the economy was good and demand was high, a young woman could just stuff her crusty, days-old Hanes Her Way into a Ziploc bag and mail them off. Nowadays, with less buyers and plummeting demand, these panty-slinging schoolgirls are being lured into more precarious situations to make a living. It is a sad state of affairs when an Asian schoolgirl cannot sell her grubby underwear safely.

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Silent Death Awaits

Thanks to friend of the MB John Croghan who provided this link, my thoughts are consumed with ninjas. Ninjas; mythical stealth assassins that are masters of the shadows, silently dropping from rooftops and slicing their enemy’s throat only to watch them die in a pool of their own blood and excrement. Before I delve into the ridiculous, I suggest you read about the historical ninja, first. Now, diving into the ridiculous with flippers and a snorkel mask, I recommend this site to anybody who likes one or all of these things: cheerleaders, ninjas, schoolgirls, and nudity. Spend the time to watch the video clips. They will teach you things. Things like cheerleader ninjas do not wear panties.

Here are a few my favorite ninja things:

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