Link Goodness

  • Eunuch tales. Nothing wakes you up on a Monday morning like the visualization of getting your coin purse lopped off with a Burdizzo.
  • Impoverished children in Pakistan ride a ferris wheel made of trash.
  • How Awesome Will It Be? Pretty fucking awesome, Susie! Unless a demon feasts on your entrails before Jesus makes it down for his second tour that is.
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Talkin’ Bout The Ghetto

Poor Boulder trailer trash. They live in the midst of pounds of bird shit and cohabitate with numerous individuals sporting mullets and driving Cameros with primered doors. I have got two words for these people: rocket launcher. It could be worse. They could live in an African ghetto. Aside from the AIDS, famine and squalor, people are taking shits in bags and throwing them into their neighbor’s yard.

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