Cheap Backyard Thrills

One of the greatest summers of my young life was when Mom bought us a Slip ‘N Slide. My sisters and I were happier than a naked priest at a Boy Scout jamboree. For those of you unfamiliar with the amazing goodness that is the Wham-O Slip N’ Slide, here is a brief explanation: A giant yellow plastic sheet is placed on the ground. A hose is turned on plastic sheet to lubricate the surface. A slider takes a running start (preferably from three blocks away). Slider dives head first down slide. Sliders ride is over as they reach the end of the slide and get raspberries on their stomach from skidding across the grass at ridiculous speeds. Slider giggles like a middle school girl at a slumber party and repeats the process.

My childhood Slip N’ Slide experience ended when my sisters and I attempted to rig it to the top of the fence, climb to the top and slide down (Needless to say, the Slip N’ Slide ruptured under our weight but produced one hell of a ride). I am kicking myself for never Slip N’ Sliding with Wesson oil.

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