Chinese Angst

The Chinese have opened the world’s first anger bar. Patrons can smash glasses, rant and even hit specially trained employees all while sucking down Tsingtaos. Denver’s version of the anger bar occurs every weekend during last call in LoDo. Drunken fools spill out into the streets simultaneously and start shit with each other because they were first in line for a $2 burrito being sold out of a cooler. Or because your fraternity is better than that other homo’s fraternity. Or because you were looking at a guy’s shivering slut girlfriend in a mini-skirt, tube top and high heels and it’s thirteen degrees below zero outside.

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  1. I call LoDo “White Harlem” now- it’s got a nationwide rep now for the biggest concentration of after last call moronic concentration. And this is from people from Washington DC!

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