Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

The wife after seeing me in a hockey jersey, baggy shorts and catching the stink of cologne on me:

“Look at you, getting all dressed up for work.”

The hockey jersey, baggy shorts and cologne are a modified version of the Italian Shower, which, in its truest essence, a monochromatic tracksuit, a drenching in Armani cologne and at least four pieces of gold jewelry (which must consist of a watch, a ring, a bracelet and a crucifix necklace). A more accurate description of my slovenliness is a cross between an Italian Shower and a Navy Bath; which is hand soap and sink water splashed about the armpits and genitals than liberally dried and a caked-on or over-sprayed deodorant application. Either way, it is time for me to take a shower.

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  1. Not just any gold ring, thank you very much. It must be a gold PINKY ring. Like the ones Dealin’ Doug wears on every finger . . . cause . . . that’s cool . . . right?

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