D-Day Minus One

Tomorrow, after a sixteen month engagement, I will officially be ruining my life. Immediately following my nuptials, the wife and I will be honeymooning at the Rendezvous Resort on the rum and banana rich island of St. Lucia. There will be drinking, eating, swimming, snorkeling, archery, dancing and a general malaise about life for the week. The MB will be on hiatus until I return in mid-July with a wife, a tan, a shaved head and a perpetual hangover.

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  1. Anyway you can manage to take Cisco with you and practice the aforementioned Archery on him?

  2. Congrats Matt! While I have never met either of you, I can tell she is too good for you.

    I hope eveything goes well on you day.

  3. BTW, the attendees who occupied the “fun table” sincerely hope somebody with a good sense of humor ended up in charge of the disposable cameras….

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