Dead Whores & The End Of The World

Me: The wife asked me yesterday, “If a comet were to hit the earth tomorrow and end all life as we knew it what would I do with my last day on earth?”
DJ: What did she say?
Me: “I would have a big dinner with all our family and friends.”
DJ: What did you say?
Me: “I would pick up a whore and kill her. Then I would come to that dinner.”
DJ: I can almost hear her squeal “Matty!”
Me: She did. I am totally and completely serious, though.
DJ: I know.
Me: I would not even have to hide the body.
DJ: Take the body to dinner with you and prop it up at the table.
Me: Even better. “Who is that, Matty?”
DJ: “Dead whore. Pass the butter?”
Me: As in, asking the dead whore to pass me the butter? Because that would rule. “Dead whore, can you please lead us in grace?”
DJ: Then just sit there in silence for a moment while everyone stares at you all freaked out. Then look up and say, “Amen.”
Me: I am glad you are my friend.

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