Death By Binge Drinking

Lately it seems like a fraternity in Colorado is more like a funeral home (CU and CSU). I think there should be a class in college called Binge Drinking 101 that teaches kids the subtle nuances of alcohol consumption. Here a few topics that should to be on the syllabus:

  • When you have lost feeling in your extremities and are blacking out, it is time to put the bottle of schnapps down.
  • If you are a young, attractive female you should not drink nor hang out at a frat house. These places are havens for date rape, alcohol poisoning and disease. It would be much cleaner and safer to drink in a construction site port-o-potty with a used dildo.
  • Under no circumstances should you participate in any shenanigans with somebody that has passed out; this especially includes placing your testicles on somebody’s face and taking a picture. It is called karma and she is a cruel bitch.

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