Five Things I Love About A High-Maintenance Client

  1. Getting sent three emails for the same subject. The first email contains instructions that always refer to a missing attachment, the second email contains the attachment they forgot to attach in the first email and the third email contains another “final” attachment and instructions to disregard all previous emails.
  2. Being invited to an all day WebEx meeting so I can “be observed” while I complete the site design. There is still twelve hours of work left to do.
  3. Being told that a terrible stock image of two black people, an exotic looking female and a douchebag boy-band looking white guy was not “diverse enough.”
  4. Getting berated for development delays even though the client did not return emails or phone calls for three months.
  5. Being told that “You are the artist. Surprise me!” immediately after being told, “I don’t like surprises.”

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