High School Sexual Repression

I played a few sports in high school and was witness to many methods of hazing. There were the classic methods that our fathers and their fathers before them taught us; wedgies, pink bellies, swirlies and the duct taping of an underclassmen to a locker. This was all accepted behavior and usually resulted in the victim being elevated to “untouchable” status after said hazing took place. Unfortunately, there were always twisted bastards that took locker room shenanigans a step too far. My football team was rife with these individuals. Like the guy who took shits in underclassmen’s helmets. Or the guy who wore nothing but his cowboy boots around the locker room and put his dick in your face if you were not paying attention. Thankfully in my experiences, nobody got held down and sodomized with a marker. One of the perpetrators moms stood up for her son claiming the marker incident was blown out of proportion. “My son is a big boy, and he likes to lift people up and let them down.” He also likes to stick things up their assholes.

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