HOA Fees Working For Me

Working from home affords some tremendous opportunities; like watching the incompetence of our home owner’s association labor contractors unfold before my very eyes. Take this afternoon for example. Armed with shovels and picks, Indian Summer Landscaping was out in full force today with orders to chisel away at the layers of ice on the driveways and sidewalks. This work is essential as Colorado is expecting another big storm this Friday and it would be helpful to have unobstructed gutters and walkways so the snow/ice can melt faster. Instead, I watched as the laborers worked hard at dragging their shovels down the middle of the already plowed street, smoking cigarettes and sucking down Giant Big Gulps. I hope we get fifteen inches of snow and you assholes have to work through the weekend.

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  1. Nice. That’s funny– our HOA used to use Indian Summer too, but apparently we switched.

    I get super annoyed by how much sand they spread in our parking lot.. by the Spring it looks like a big litter box. And that’s just my garage.

  2. Fuck, at this point I’d kill to have even that much work done by our HOA. The streets in our complex look like dog sled trails. Well, minus the dogs, sleds and Alaska. Otherwise, a fucking dead on comparison.

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