Hot Dog

Me: I bought some new skis last night.
Monica: Oh, nice.
Me: Notice the urban graphics that will illustrate how much of a non-conformist I am while skiing. Because that is important.
Monica: Keeping it street on the slopes?
Me: Right. Represent.
Monica: Represent Arvada?
Me: “I am riding for the water tower today, bitches.”
Monica: “This is for all the homeys that are working at the gas stations, getting their weed delivered to them that cannot enjoy the mountain today.”
Me: “This bump run is for my boys that drink too much beer, still live at home with their parents and work at Randy’s Pizza; sorry you did not make it, playas.”

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  1. You know how we do! A-Town reps, the best side, the west side, so don’t test, just ride! Welcome to the Terror Dome, FOOLS!

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