How To Throw A No-No While Tripping Balls

A great story about Dock Ellis, the Major League pitcher who threw a no-hitter on acid. I miss the good old days of professional baseball when hurlers high on amphetamines would put one in your ear-hole just for stepping into the batters box.

It’s such an important aspect of the game [hitting a batsmen]. All hitters know they’re gonna get hit. They just don’t know when. The kicker for the truly good hitters is, you cannot hit me as many times as I’m gonna hit you. They take that hit to get six hits. But you gotta pop their ass so you can get an 0 for 4 on them one day. Don’t get cocky now, motherfucker. The challenge is on. So let’s get it on. Other guys might explain it differently, have different reasons, but that was mine. Right about the time I left, it changed. You can’t throw at anyone without getting thrown out of the game. The announcers today say it ruins the game. They never talk about the fights that Cincinnati and St. Louis got into 30 years ago. Barry Bonds? I’d hit him at least once a game. ‘Cause he’s got all that shit on. Yeah, let’s see that shit stop the ball from hurting him if I hit him on the motherfucking elbow or something. I’d hit him just to see, does it work?

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