I Dominate Body Building

You may recall my web alter egos Matt Brozovich, drummer for Pittsburgh’s speed metal outfit Scorn Of Earth and Matt Brozovich, the little league fireballer hailing from Channahon, Illinois. Today I learned that I have yet another web alter ego, Matt Brozovich, the competitive body builder with alarming hair and an even more alarming physique. While I advised my youngest doppelgaenger coming up through the baseball ranks to stay off the junk, sadly, I think my newest doppelgaenger has a penchant for injecting himself with steroids and assorted testosterones from the animal kingdom. Regardless, I wish bodybuilding Matt Brozovich nothing but success with the weights and the competing. The time may be nigh to start the Matt Brozovich Internet Society.

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  1. there’s also some roider…errrr…body builder named Jay Cutler. Judging by the Broncos subpar record with JC at the helm, maybe the same dude.

    “Dude Im so ripped I don’t even need shoulder pads.”

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