I Dominate Little League

You may recall my web alter ego Matt Brozovich, drummer for Pittsburgh’s speed metal outfit Scorn Of Earth (formerly of Headcase and Our Dying Moment). Today I learned that I have another web alter ego, a little league fireballer that hails from Channahon, Illinois. My younger doppelgaenger has a thunderbolt for an arm and brings the hickory to the dish. On April 5 he had three hits including a grand slam and was the winning pitcher in a 9-1 victory over the Rotary Club. On May 9 he hit a three run blast in the 5-2 win over Pizza 4 U. You have a bright future, young Matt Brozovich. Stay off the junk, eat your vitamins and keep your nose clean.

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  1. Next year I’m running my Fantasy Football empire from Channahon with the tutelage of Matt Brozovich, AKA the little winner.

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