Insane In The Brain

There are degrees of physical attractiveness in this world. While Jessica Biel is “Girl Next Door” hot and Diane Lane is “Cougar” hot, this specimen is the classic example of “Fucked Up” hot. Cute yet embattled face, rock hard abs, horrible tattoos and a penchant for living on the wrong side of the law. Did daddy not hug you enough, fucked-up hot girl? Or did he hug you too much? Does the weed and the booze numb you enough to emotionally handle collecting all the dollar bills from the stage at the end of your dance? Do your three illegitimate children live with your mom or are they being raised by television in a trailer park somewhere? The world may never know what drives you, fucked-up hot girl, but we will keep trying to learn through future arrests and tribal yin-yang tattoos.

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  1. Distantly related to this post (crushes on inappropriate women) – Erin the esurance cartoon has a friend. Have you seen the new commercials w/ a dude in them – that dude looks an awful lot like you, Mr. Brozovich? I think your cartoon fantasy is coming true.

  2. The wife and I saw said commercial last night and she agreed with your assessment. I still say I am more attractive in ‘toon form than that guy.

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