Inspiration Is A Brawling Headspin

Much like a keg of PBR in a university fraternity house or Paris Hilton on an aircraft carrier full of cocaine, I am tapped. I just do not have it today (“it” referring to the creative magic that makes me money and causes the ladies undergarments to moisten). While searching for inspiration that was non-porn related, I found a video of the best hockey fight I have ever witnessed. Then Jake sends over Jam On It by Newcleus. Any moment now I expect Turbo to bust out the storage room and do the electric worm past my cubicle. Things are starting to look up.

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  1. Dude… and I apologize for using that word… but, Dude. That hockey video brings a tear to my eye; those guys are fuckin’ hardcore. I always knew I was missing something by paying more attention to the Eastern Conference. Psh… and I thought old Enrico Ciccone fights were entertaining.
    Not that it matters much now… after tomorrow’s (possible) announcement. *sniffle*
    Chin up, Matt… we’ll always have the Lightning. Oh, yes… we’ll always have the Lightning winning the Cup. πŸ™‚

  2. Amendment: At first, I thought it was Wings vs. Sharks (or Ducks), given the colors. After a closer look, it says “Toledo” as those warriors orbit center ice. Please replace my previous “Eastern Conference” with “minor league”.
    Either way… hardcore, bro.

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