Lactating Women Are Like Bigfoot

Mark: You need to sign up for the Gmail, Matt.
Me: I have enough internet email accounts. I am an internet email whore.
Mark: All you need is one; Gmail, baby.
Me: Sigh. You are so young.
Mark: Give me a break. 1000 Megabytes!
Me: I do not need that much space because I never save emails.
Mark: Well Gmail is out to change all that.
Me: Gmail sounds nice and everything, but I rarely use my internet accounts.
Mark: Well, it is a nice fucking service!
Me: Let me give you an insight into the internet emails I usually get (keep in mind I have a spam blocker). This morning, for example, I received a wonderful link regarding the sexual habits of lactating women. Sounds sexy, right?
Mark: Gmail would have caught that.
Me: You cannot catch a lactating woman, Mark. They are elusive. Like a Yeti. Or the Loch Ness Monster.
Mark: Nice.

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