Last Night Of Singlehood

In a few hours, the debauchery that is my bachelor party will begin. I have been drinking water and eating horrible, greasy foods all morning in the attempts of proliferating a preemptive strike against the alcohol I will consume in the next twelve hours. Go Karts will be driven and crashed, wild game such as buffalo, elk and quail will be eaten, liquor will be drunk and my cousin, fresh off a plane from Kuwait, may end up either in detox or in traction.

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  1. Given the great potential for destruction and mayhem, I think we underachieved a bit — which is probably a good thing. I do imagine Cousin Mark continued the night on his own, though, so he may actually be in jail/traction after all…
    Nevertheless, it was a grand time.

  2. ‘Twas a fine drunken evening. My future bride and I spent most of Sunday nursing our hangovers on the couch. I think we’ll have to intoduce the poker game to the majesty that is Buffalo Bill’s Cocktail.

  3. That bloody mary and plate of runny eggs may have been the best breakfast I ever had. Thanks again, CH (and Tyler & E-Train).

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