Link Goodness

  • For those who want to go John Conner ala Terminator 3 and live off the grid, here is a step-by-step guide on how to disappear in America without a trace.
  • Horror stories from the piercing industry. Be sure to have fully digested your lunch.
  • I can now say that I have seen a tiger and a lion getting it on.
  • Satire meets reality. The former link is my second favorite Onion article next to this.

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  1. And…it was Gillette, no less. Ahhhh, do you think that some marketing monkey was sitting around work just before a trip to a conference, read that article, and then mentioned the concept as some half-assed joke because he was about to go to Chicago for a week and didn’t give a fuck? Then…some exec thought it was pure genius. The marketing monkey gets a fat check and a great story to tell his buddies as he’s buying the bar a round to celebrate. Win/Win.

    PS: I didn’t post the comment above, but I would have. Of course, I have the nuts to sign my gibberish.

  2. You may have nuts, but then again, I don’t have to sign mine because I don’t post 15 paragraphs of worthless drivel.


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