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  • Timberlake absolutely killed Saturday Night Live over the weekend. I am loving the Color Me Badd personas he and Samberg take on. Acid-washed jeans? Christ.
  • The Denver Nuggets have been rolling through the first two rounds of the NBA playoffs. The main reason? Homegrown talent Chauncey Billups. I remember watching Chauncey eat my high school alive in the state basketball tournament back in ’94. If the Nugs win it all, there is no player more deserving of MVP honors.
  • Rwanda, fifteen years after the genocide. The new government granted Get Out Of Jail Free Cards to most participants of the single largest mass murder in African history.

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  1. Brozy if Im correct your son was born right around when the Nugs clinched the divsion(?) If they keep it moving, you have to petition the court to change his middle name to “Kenyon.” Or in homage to the old school call him “Lafayette.”

    Fat Broz = fu*cking awesome

  2. Actually, I think he was born on the very day the Nugs clinched. Lafayette Broz? Christ, that is awesome. To keep with the Old School theme how about Natt Broz? Pack Broz? English Broz? Issel Broz? Of course, we could keep it simple and not change his name at all: T.R. Broz!

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