Matrix Un-Loaded

Last night, I went to see the much-hyped Matrix Reloaded. I was entertained, yet disappointed. The action was, as expected, insane but the story left little to be desired. A suggestion to any director who chooses to put Keanu Reeves in a starring role: the less he speaks, the better the film will be. The story jumped from Christian Trinity references, to different schools of philosophical thought, to Jesus metaphors, to fucked-up tribal raves with gratuitous nipple shots and finally, a moment where we learn the Architect of the Matrix is a cross between Sigmund Freud and Colonel Sanders. I do not find Carrie-Ann Moss even remotely attractive even though she is adorned in black latex and she drives the fuck out of a motorcycle through out the entire film. Monica Bellucci and her pillows of boob-a-licious naughty goodness on the other hand, I would pay just to watch read the newspaper.

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