No Entertainment For You

Four fans are suing the rock band Creed for putting on a bad concert. Front man and cocksucker Scott Stapp was reportedly too intoxicated to sing. I understand how frustrating a concert can be when the band sucks. I have seen Stone Temple Pilots twice and they were terrible each time. In the summer of 1997, I saw them at Red Rocks and Scott Weiland had shot up smack just before the set, sang three songs and then spent the rest of the time talking about Indians eating peyote. In 2001, I saw them at the Family Values Tour where a sober Scott Weiland sat on a velvet couch and played their new songs acoustic while my date was lying on the Pepsi Center bathroom floor vomiting because she had drank too much with her heart medication. Needless to say, I do not feel sympathy for these fans because 1) they actually like Creed and 2) they should be used to being disappointed because Creed sucks.

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