No Fate But What We Make

My love for the Terminator franchise began in 1985 when my dad let me stay up late with him and watch the James Cameron joint on HBO. The movie had everything a ten year-old boy could want; violence, cyborgs, sex and boobs! I was hooked. In 1991, early CGI technology, a ripped Linda Hamilton and a Guns N’ Roses-laden soundtrack made for a sequel that was much better than the original. When T3: Rise Against The Machines came out, I took my wife on our first date to watch it in the theater (I am a hopeless romantic). I thought I would have to keep her informed with back story through out the film, but she quickly interrupted me mid-Skynet dissertation with, “I know what Skynet is. Please shut up,” and thereby proved her worthiness as a mate (this date was the very reason I engraved ‘NO FATE’ on the inner-band of my wedding ring in reference to Linda Hamilton’s bowie knife table-carving in T2). I even went so far as to tune into the first full season of the Sarah Connor Chronicles only to tune out once Brian Austin Green joined the cast (thanks to long-time reader of the MB, Bryan Candee, who pointed out that Brian Austin Green’s initials are BAG for a reason). Sadly, the television series has resorted to this for viewership. Summer Glau has a nice little frame, but her eyes are so far apart she looks like a cutthroat trout. Cutthroat trout are delicious when sautéed in butter, but are not sexually arousing. I can only hope T4: Salvation with Christian Bale will renew my faith in the franchise. At least they cast Christian Bale. He alone will get my wife out to the theater with me. She would watch that guy read the paper.

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  1. yo, don’t forget that little shit Ed Furlong rocked the Public Enemy shirt throughout T2. Somewhere Chuck D weeped.

  2. nope… summer glau is awesome.

    being 8 yrs older than you, i saw t2 in the theaters. it was the most impressive movie i had ever seen, and it scared the piss out of me. remember, the cold war wasn’t quite over.

    i wonder how they’ll resolve all of the time travel issues in t4 with the canon of the franchise.

    i may just have to watch it as a stand alone.

  3. Summer Glau…meh. Agree to disagree.

    I saw T2 in the theaters, too, Kinyah; only ’twas with a squirrely HS girl my sophomore year who was uninterested in the awesomeness that was liquid metal as a killing form.

    I am guessing they will not be touching any time-travel heavy story arcs in T4, although it would be badass if they sat down and thought it through.

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