Oregon: Epilogue

Highlights from the Eugene/Coastal Oregon family vacation:

  • Number of relatives houses we crashed at that had wireless internet but not cable television: 1.
  • A movie that is not fun for the entire family: I Am Legend.
  • A movie that is not good in any way, shape or form: The Man From Earth.
  • Times the phrase “I slept like the baby Jesus” was uttered: 4.
  • How many trips were made to Autzen Stadium to procure gifts: 4.
  • How many trips made to Autzen Stadium were to take back items bought by hasty husbands who purchased items with no thought of sizes/people in mind: 2.
  • Times the assumed identity “Grayson Buttdorf” was used to sign into the Oregon Coastal Parks and Recreation gray whale watching sheet: 1.
  • How many variations of the assumed identity “Grayson Buttdorf” were mulled over numerous Alaskan Ales and one annoyed 18 year-old misquoted cousin: 5.
  • Beer, in ounces, that was consumed on the front deck of a the Heceta Head Lighthouse bed and breakfast in one evening: 184.
  • A roaring ocean, a good buzz, a comfortable bed and a warm room gave me the best night of sleep in recent memory.
  • A short, slanted ceiling, high-backed bathtub and hand-held shower head gave me the most uncomfortable bathing experience in recent memory.
  • How many gravely-voiced suspected serial killers ate with us during our “seven-course breakfast”: 1.
  • Lastly, props to my brother-in-law drove who our rented mini-van like Al Cowlings across Northwest Oregon in order to get us to our flight at PDX with minutes to spare.

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