Respecting Design Interns, Part I

  • Until the Intern becomes a full-time employee he shall be called a different female name every time he is addressed or is brought up in conversation.
  • When the Intern comes strolling into the office all cocky with Starbucks in hand, he will be directed back out the door to fetch the Art Director a pumpkin spiced latte.
  • When eating sandwiches in the conference room and the real employees want to talk about something important, the Intern will be directed to the vending machines in the building across the parking lot to fetch the CEO a Mountain Dew.
  • When being instructed to “tighten” up a design and the Intern sarcastically quips, “How tight do you want it?” The following exchange will take place:
    “Tighter than a 13-year old Romanian gymnasts ass.”
    “That is tight.”
    “Fucking A right it is, Susie.”

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