Satan’s Messenger Makes Me Sleepy

Now added to the list of watchables that woo me to sleep other than professional golf: Ghost Rider. I put this on our Netflix queue as I was looking for something to counter-balance the fucked-upedness of Alpha Dog*. I attempted to watch this unreadable comic made into an unwatchable movie twice over the weekend and fell sound asleep both times. My wife made it through the second viewing only to proclaim upon me regaining consciousness, “Wow. That really sucked.” Eva Mendes is a black hole of talent; aside from her willingness to show full frontal nudity, no other redeemable qualities can escape from her gravitational field.

* I treat our Netflix queue as if it were a mix tape I was giving to a junior high school girlfriend. Just like I would not put Kix’s “Don’t Close Your Eyes” and Every Mother Nightmare’s “Love Can Make You Blind” back-to-back, nor would I arrange for Requiem For A Dream and Wonderland to be in the same mail drop.

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