Silvia Johnson: Queen Of The Educated Decision

You may remember Silvia Johnson, the pride of Arvada’s parenting community. After learning life altering lessons from her previous legal misadventures (read: giving teenage boys free dope and sucking them off), Silvia filled an SUV with adolescent children and gave the wheel to a young, unlicensed driver. Hijinks ensued.

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  1. Parents are SOOOO much cooler these days. Letting high school dudes double up on her; that’s sweet. Then a few months down the road, and days before her trial, she lets even younger kids play a live round of Grand Theft Auto…before they can even touch the pedals…nice. My mom was super un-cool. I want a do over.

  2. Tyler, that would be “Mmm…Mom” to you, pal! # M’s, M cubed, as it were. M to the 3. Work with me, kid.

    And, my mother always offered pizza, of course I had to make it. But, pizza was available none the less.

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