Straight Grubbin’

One downfall of the new office location is the lack of decent eateries. Despite the area being redeveloped into the fancy new architecture/design district, we are still surrounded by industrial warehouses and old cement factories that closed during the Carter Administration. Our immediate food options include two McDonalds gas station annexes, a Quiznos and a strip mall Mexican joint that does not deserve to be named. These past few days we have been venturing into nearby Five Points as it provides places to eat that specialize in food rather than Coors. For those unfamiliar, Five Points is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Denver that is renowned for its jazz history, its rich black heritage and its high crime rates (or perception thereof). Today, upon Jake’s recommendation, we rolled up on Tom’s Home Cookin’ for some soul food. I ordered the fried chicken, mashed potatoes, collard greens and corn bread and am still wallowing in its delicious glory. My boss was rendered speechless by the peach cobbler and proclaimed upon regaining his facilities that our future intern would soon be making afternoon cobbler runs. The best part of the dining experience came after the meal when we walked back to the car and caught the chef sharpening his butcher knife on a curb in the parking lot.

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  1. At that point, I’m not entirely sure “chef” is the right word.
    I’m sure the dude you saw rubbing a blade on concrete would rather be called a “cook” straight up than anything *fancy* like “chef”.

  2. Amen brother. That is a good find. My question is did you finish? For $8 and change they give you a ton of food! Just a heads up, they close when they run out of the days food. So somewhere around 3. The line usually is out the door at around noon.

  3. I was the only one in the group to lick the styrofoam container clean. Best fried chicken I ever had. Thanks for the tip. I’ll be sure to get there before noon next time so they don’t run out of anything.

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