Stunt Fighting

Jake: Breakaway glass.
Me: We need to get some of that breakaway glass. Then you can come over to my cubicle and say you do not like my designs and I will smash a bottle on the table and say, “Now I got to cut you.”
Jake: Yes. We could get in a fight in the parking lot and throw whiskey bottles at each other.
Me: That would be awesome. We would have to make a scene in the office first. “You fucked my sister!”
Jake: “How was I supposed to know she was a stripper?”
Me: “Fuck you!”
Jake: “I was asleep anyway!”
Me: *flings a salad plate
Jake: *plate explodes against the wall
Me: “Outside, bitch!”
Jake: We will probably need some fake blood, too.
Me: Totally.

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