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A list of active NFL players that were featured in Nintendo’s Tecmo Bowl and Super Tecmo Bowl. It is my opinion that Super Tecmo Bowl ranks in the upper echelon of early 90s video game perfection just under Sega’s NHL 95.

This weekend the wife and I attended a house warming party where the drunken host, Tyler, broke out his Nintendo console for a fix of Super Tecmo Bowl. I played in two games going .500 for the evening. I took the Kansas City Chiefs to victory in game one, dismantling my opponent with ease as the Nigerian Nightmare shredded the feeble defense of whoever it was I was playing against (the team escapes me as I was six gin and tonics into the evening and up by two touchdowns before I could blink). In game two I was handed my ass in a rematch of Super Bowl XXIV. I foolishly chose the Denver Broncos (who could not win a big game in this era if their lives depended on it) and a young, mistake-prone John Elway tossed four picks to give the 49ers a decisive victory.

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  1. Super Techmo bowl was awesome. I usually picked the Lions and would run Barry Sanders silly to control the clock, then throw bombs to Herman Moore occasionally. It was good times. Seems like there was someone pretty decent on defense too, (not Chris Spielman nor their Nose Guard at the time), but I don’t remember the name.

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