Taxi Minus Latka, Louie

Tomorrow I start the new gig and I am wetter than a mating walrus with excitement. Much of my elation stems from the fact that my office is located in the titty-licous TAXI By Zeppelin Development. If Grandpa Broz were alive today he would be proud that I was bringing the Brozovich name back down to Globeville (from the 1930s through the 1970s, Globeville was the capitol of the Denver Slavic community and home to any handle ending in “vich” or “czk”). Being as my Great Uncle Al and Aunt Tillie still live in the old ‘hood, I might just have to hit them up for a sandwich and a WWII or rail yard story one day for lunch.

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  1. yo dunn,
    one of the first times I had ever ventured into Globeville (the heart of it, right east of the Stock show complex) was the early 90s. Frank Long, the infamous Pace boss, had broke down there. I was drafted to pick him up. This is when he was a backdock mgr, so I had no clue who he was. I rolled over there and he was chilling in front of a bodega with a Sprite and a bag of Funyons

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