The British Make It Sound So Eloquent

Jake: I sent my brother-in-law the screaming dad mp3. His reply was: “Man, I miss New England. It has been a long time since someone’s dad called me a cunt.”
Me: I am incorporating that into my verbal arsenal when I have a son. I will call him Mary, Cinderella, ballerina and cunt. Every once and awhile I will call him son, just so he does not commit suicide.
Jake: I am going to stick with “Boy” mostly. “Hey boy, get me a beer” or “Hey boy, mix daddy a martini. And do not cock it up like you did last time.”
Me: Good times.
Jake: Yes.

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  1. Jesus, that angry dad guy is going to get an aneurysm. The funniest part is when Dad says, “excuse me” after mistakenly calling his kid a “cuntlicker” instead of “dicklicker”. Where the hell does this come from?

  2. Ha Ha, My dad used to totally go off on me like that…I’m sure if I ever would have ever have taped him he would have felt like a like a heel…

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