The Winter Of My Content

Today, in the midst of Hanukkah Blizzard, I accepted a Creative Director position with a small design firm in Denver. I will be able to maintain the pants-free lifestyle I have grown accustomed over these past months, as my office will be in my home. I will occasionally venture out for a cup of coffee or a sandwich and maintain connectivity with the world via all form of modern technological accoutrement (cell phone, computer, IM, email, carrier pigeon). Other than that, society is officially dead to me. This career path is free of company-wide circle jerks with CEOs who receive Xmas cards from unemployed designers that lie about profits, revenues and layoffs. Once the roads are deemed safe by the governor again, I will be rolling up to the Apple Store to drop some coin on a new iMac and MacBook. Final unemployment statistics: 101 resumes sent and nine interviews all spanning three months, one week and one day.

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  1. Can you expense an extra mac book for me? Thanks.
    Also I heard that employment stats go something like 100 resumes, 10 interviews and one job, which you hit almost exactly on the head.
    So happy for you, once I am a functioning member of society again we will have a celebratory latte.

  2. Congrats!!! About time you got gainfully employed and started contributing to the economy.

    Make a snowman for me!! Have you heard anything about new MacBook Pro releases come late spring? I heard something a couple months ago about a new model release to coincide with an OS X update. Any insider, design geek info would be great!

  3. Holzie:

    Guys at the Apple Store mentioned/knew nothing about a Mac Book Pro update to coincide with OS X upgrade. Gary is the MB Mac expert; perhaps he can enlighten us…

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