Todd Bertuzzi Is On Top Of The World

The Colorado Avalanche kicked the shit out of Vancouver Canucks last night 9-2 and Todd Bertuzzi tried to kill Steve Moore. Moore was said to have given Canuck Markus Naslund a cheap shot during a game on February 16. The hit in question was not a penalty and the NHL, after reviewing the incident, deemed it legal. Vancouver coach Marc Crawford still opened his ballwasher claiming it was “a cheap shot by a young kid on a captain, the leading scorer in the league,” and his Canucks vowed revenge on Moore. Enter last night, the final regular season meeting between the two hockey clubs. From the moment the puck drops, the Avs play like a riot looking for a place to break out. In one glorious minute, they put three in the back of the net and at the end of one period the score is Avs 5, Canucks 0. With eight minutes left in the game, down by six goals and feeling the inadequacy of playing for a franchise that has never won a Stanley Cup, Todd Bertuzzi attacks Steve Moore from behind (a tactic he probably mastered sodomizing guys three times smaller than him in prison) and then proceeds to crush his face into the ice. Fuck Todd Bertuzzi for being a bitch punk. If he had any heart at all he would have come at Moore straight up when they played in Denver. Fuck Marc Crawford for encouraging his team to intentionally injure another player and then smiling about it when it happens. Most importantly, fuck the Canuck fans for cheering as Steve Moore lay on the ice unconscious causing me to loathe them and their franchise now more than the Detroit Red Wings.

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