Unemployment Round Up

My third week of unemployment will include two web design job interviews; one in the heart of downtown Denver which is a block off the 16th Street Mall and the city’s main bus depot (I’m all about the public transportation) and one a few blocks away from Govnr’s Park which has amazing happy hour beers and a Slider Basket that would make Wimpy cry (the Won Ton Juans are equally as glorious). Keep your fingers crossed that one of these interviews will pan out before my severance runs dry and we will be subsisting only on a meager public school teacher’s income. The wife has yet to wear tattered clothing and babble incomprehensible phrases while standing over a barrel fire, but I can assure you that that time is nigh, my friends. Onto an unemployed artist’s browser history:

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  1. Either of those locations would be pretty sweet. You’d be just a block away from Illegal Pete’s goodness at 16th Street, and Govnr’s park is a pretty cool watering hole (though it’s mostly DU students from the couple of times I’ve been there and has sticky tables).

  2. Illegal Pete’s also is an excellent place to score some ganja. I’ve heard you unemployed guys like to do that sort of thing.

  3. Illegal Pete’s? How about Illegal Ci$co? That way we can send him to Mars or in between some fat chick’s butt crack.

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