Walgreens: Pills And Cheap Kitsch

On almost every corner I drive past nowadays, I see a Walgreens either in operation or being built. Within a two-mile radius surrounding my home, there are four Walgreens. Is this country so screwed up that we need prescription medication outlets on every corner? (The obvious answer is yes, but the question is rhetorical you thick motherfucker). I have only been inside a Walgreens three times:

  1. In 2002, to fill a prescription to treat a nasty cold.
  2. In 2002, to fix the prescription from my first Walgreens visit. An incompetent pharmacist messed up my dosage and gave me two enormous bottles of pills that could have lasted through a nuclear holocaust.
  3. In 2004, my lady and I were hungry and in a pinch we patronized the closest store for a sack of beef jerky and some bottled water.

If I had any money to invest, I would put it into prescription medication outlets. Keeping people sick or under the illusion that they are sick seems to be a growth industry.

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  1. Ya know what’s also great about Walgreens? You can get Sudafed, antifreeze, large and small mixing containers, all your meth needs in one spot.

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