Where Is The Love?

My lady and I have great email exchanges over the course of a day. Today, I threw this gem her way:

While in the midst of map drawing, the Black Eyed Peas song ‘Where is the Love?’ began assaulting my eardrums. I had forgotten I ripped this song and stored it in on my computer long ago. The song is your typical beat-driven, hip-hop funk mantra the Black Eyed Peas are known for. In the rap, the following topics are covered: wars being waged by crooked politicians, poverty-stricken children starving in the streets, people smoking crack atop urine soaked mattresses in abandoned houses and the claim that terrorists are not only fundamentalist Muslims wishing to wage jihad on American soil but top ranking officials in our own government. So I pose the question to you, my lady, where IS the love?

With the scant bit of knowledge and understanding I have acquired in my twenty eight years on this earth, I have been grappling with this question all day and I have come to only one logical conclusion:

The love is in my pants.

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