Why This Blog Is Amazing

When I started this blog in 2002, I was working a dead-end job in Corporate America and looking for a creative outlet to help pass the time between useless meetings, boring design projects and a cubicle landscape that ate away at my soul.

I maintained an almost daily posting schedule for a six-year period, scouring the internet for links and news stories that seemed twisted enough for me to comment on or standing atop a soapbox for a brief moment and venting on something. I enjoyed the repetition and whimsy; both kept me sane through an excruciating time in my career.

Life trudged on. I got married. I got laid off, fired and quit jobs more times in a five-year span than most people do in a lifetime. I had kids. I started a company. The world became more connected. Posting not only became a challenge and less enjoyable, it became ubiquitous. So I stopped.

Enter 2016 and a new direction. I am in the midst of restructuring mattbrozovich.com to be a creative showcase featuring my drawing, painting and writing. My artwork will be available for sale in the coming months.

I am looking forward to seeing my art and this blog grow into something much deeper and more profound than anything a little boy who loved drawing comic books could have ever imagined.